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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much are puppies?

Our Bernedoodle Puppies are selling for $900.00.

How big will these puppies get?

While every dog is different and we can’t guarantee sizes, our puppies are standard size. Our Bernedoodle pups will grow to be approximately 65-80 lbs.


How can we make an easier transition between their litter mates and our home?

Each puppy comes with a puppy package that includes a blanket that smells like their mother, a few toys, a list of tips and tricks from the Puppy Culture Program, a puppy pictures and puppy information, and a sample of puppy food.
Puppies won’t go to the bathroom where they sleep. For this reason, some families choose to crate train their pups. We have a crate in their puppy pen to get them accustomed to being inside the crate and not seeing it as a place of fear or isolation.  Our puppies sleep near a fan. This white noise may bring some familiarity at home if they are having trouble sleeping. 
Some families choose not to crate train, and that’s okay! These social dogs like to be where you are. Our puppy parents are laid-back and relaxed. We believe (with your help), these puppies will show these same flexible characteristics (after the goofy/energetic times).
Toys help with boredom chewing and sharp puppy teeth. Walks, training, and outdoor time will help with puppy missbehaviour. It is easier to tire a busy puppy mentally with training (practicing on the leash, sit, down, stay).
Just like bringing home a new baby, it takes time to adjust to life with a new fur ball. Be patient, kind and understanding. The puppies are learning and so are you!
When you buy a puppy from Prairie Paws Dogs, you are always welcome to email or call with questions. We want to make this an easy and enjoyable transition for you. 

When do we need to spay or neuter our puppy?


Each Prairie Paws puppy comes with a non-breeding contract. This must be done at the time recommended by your vet. 

Are you expecting more litters?

Yes, we are planning on expanding our breeding program. Stay tuned to our website and FaceBook page to stay in the loop.

What do we need to bring home a puppy?

Right away new puppy parents will need:

•    A Collar
•    Leash
•    Kennel
•    Puppy Toys
•    Food Dishes
•    Puppy Food. (We have started our pups on Purina One Large Breed Puppy Formula).
•    Puppy Pads (Optional but may be moved outdoors to help with house training)

You may wish to purchase in the future:

•    A puppy harness and seatbelt for the car
•    Puppy Shampoo & Conditioner
•    Brushes 
•    Nail Clippers
•    Puppy Treats & Bones
•    Enzyme cleaner (for puppy accident clean-up) 


For more questions, Contact Us!

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